Woodwalker's Head

Worn by Hilde


A ferocious hide cowl in the likeness of a dire wolf’s head, this primal headgear bristles with fury. The wearer can use it as a weapon in its own right, willing the fanged jaws to snap at opponents – a maneuver that tears into incorporeal creatures as if they were mere flesh. The item shows the full of its strength when its bearer charges into battle, manifesting a battering force that casts foes aside.


“I am a creature of matter and spirit, life and death,” the Woodwalker said. “The feeble souls of mere beasts cannot sustain me. Why do you hate me for what I must do to survive?” Severed from its body by the Valkyrie, the spirit of the lich who devastated the Sangocor Mountains fled, coming to rest in the body of a great dire wolf and creating this fearsome hybrid being. When the Valkyrie struck true again, banishing the lich a second time, the fallen wolf’s head retained some of its power. Now it serves the one who slew it. One can only hope that in leaving these tatters of magic behind, the lich grows weaker with each defeat.

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Woodwalker's Head

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