Vagabond's Die

Used by Rasul


This curious little six-sided die is made of carved ivory, the work a little uneven. It has no pips, but rather, intricate etched and inked pictures on each face: a foaming ale mug, a chair with a twisted leg, a pair of gambling dice, a gauntleted fist (repeated once), and a cloud with a lightning bolt streaking down from it. To invoke the item’s magic, the user focuses thoughts of mischief upon a target and rolls the die, and the picture rolled determines the nature of the hex visited upon the foe. Sometimes, the fickle magic actually aids the target, or manifests an effect not suggested by the die’s faces at all.


Old bard’s tales scribed in the Order of the Nightshade‘s library include several stories of dice like this one. No two such dice are the same, each with different pictograms and different strange and clever effects. Their innocuous appearance has allowed bearers to sneak malevolent spells through secure places, or to gain an edge in the act of turning an innocent gambling game into sudden ambush. The rituals needed to create a Vagabond’s Die involve exposure of the object to Feywild energies, so followers of Lilandra have made the widest use of these dice in recent years. A member of the Crimson Brotherhood held this particular die, possibly looted from the corpse of an assassinated chaos sorcerer or fey pact warlock.

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Vagabond's Die

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