The leader of the shadowy Crimson Brotherhood, a league of assassins that splintered from the Society of Twilight Wanderers thieves’ group, is as protean as the group itself. In this case, this is quite literal—Stiletto is a shapeshifter and no one knows exactly what he, or she, or it looks likes in its original form. What is known is that the Brotherhood has taken on the characteristics of its founder, a mixture of incredibly stealth and brutal effectiveness. Though sometimes regarded as a fairy-tale developed by the Brotherhood to keep instill fear both within and without of the Brotherhood, played by several different people to further the myth, those in the know say that Stiletto is all too real and that it regularly takes on even mundane assassinations simply for the pleasure of the kill.

Stiletto traveled into the Shadowfell to confront the Heroes of the Ebon Tower on the threshold of the Tower. He brought the Onyx Skull he stole from the Temple of Pelor in Hallowdwell and used it to raise the spirits of the Doom Sisters and a bone dragon, intending to kill the Heroes and take The Ebon Tower for his own purposes. He claimed that he would use the power to kill the current population of Centralia, which would then be replaced by “monster folk”, as he described himself. Stiletto was defeated by the Heroes before they entered the Tower, his mad schemes ended before they could even begin.

The Crimson Brotherhood has continued following the death of Stiletto, but between the death of its founder and the activities of Avandra’s Eye they have receded into the shadows…the problem being, of course, that this is where assassins are most comfortable to begin with.

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