Sangocor Mountains

The Sangocor Mountains dominate the geography of Ostlund, stretching from the western coast of the continent to nearly halfway across it, and its foothills continue on beyond that. These mountains are at the tallest and most imposing on the western shore, though the tallest are somewhat deeper inland, as advanced erosion from the sea has lessened some of the peaks immediately on the shoreline. The mountain range has only a few volcanoes, and most of them are dormant; those that are still alive are used by the dwarves who call the Sangocor Mountains their home.

The Sangocor Mountains are the home of a nation of dwarves who were once famous across several continents for their fine smithing, particularly of weapons. However, the Sangocor dwarves were devastated by an unexpected attack by an incredibly powerful lich, who killed off thousands of dwarves and ruined entire underground cities. The dwarves, even a generation later, are attempting to regain and reopen some of these areas.

Prior to the lich’s attack, the dwarves of Sangocor carved out a magnificent harbor directly from the coastal mountains, so that the harbor was actually part of the underground complex of dwarven cities. This feat of engineering rarely fails to awe those who see it for the first time…and often awes those who have seen it dozens of times.

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Sangocor Mountains

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