Ostlund is a small continent located to the east of the Continent of Centralia, about two weeks’ journey from Lorut. Located approximately at the latitude of Northrock, Ostlund tends to be a slightly cooler continent overall than Centralia. In terms of size, it is about the size of Lorut.

There are only two major population groups in Ostlund. One group is the dwarves of the Sangocor Mountains, who are still recovering from a devastating attack nearly a generation ago by a mysterious, very destructive lich. The other major group are the Wen, a nomadic human nation divided into many tribes. The Wen share a common origin and most customs, though there are sharp divergences between the tribal nations. The Wen have suffered as well from the lich’s destructive campaign, as the lich seems to be responsible for a systemic corruption of the very land and water of Ostlund, reducing harvests and available game every year.

There is a harbor carved out of the cliffside where the dwarven mountains meet the ocean. Here occurs the only major interaction between Centralians and Ostlunders, as the Lorutian Merchant Fleet makes regular trips to trade between the continents. Few Lorutians ever go much further than the harbor, despite their natural wanderlust; there simply seems to be little to no profit in doing so, and the Wen have been known to attack dragonborn on sight, assuming they are some kind of draconic monster.

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