Meros' Tower

Meros’ Tower soars above the dry, dusty plains, situated at the borders of Allandria, Arktfar and Protence. The tower a simple and unassuming sandstone structure, save for its 200-foot height. The tower’s height is partially explained by the presence of a large telescope, as the upper levels of the structure serve as an advanced observatory for astrological studies.

Meros’ Tower was sealed shut by some unknown but exceptionally powerful arcane force, a hex most likely placed by Meros before he mysteriously vanished. Even Meros’ apprentices, Lahktar and Ouroboros, could not break the seal.

Following the Battle of the Ebon Tower, the seal protecting the Meros’ Tower vanished. Even without the extensive library and alchemical supplies that once packed the shelves of the tower, its position along excellent geomantric lines, the observatory and the immense amount of space made it an excellent place to found a center of arcane learning. Aislynn Athamae has taken up residence in the tower and has begun a school to tutor orphans who show talent in the mystic arts. She has worked to grow the library and stock the shelves, with the help of the other remaining Heroes of the Ebon Tower, and once again Meros’ Tower serves as a beacon of learning.

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Meros' Tower

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