Jyrus Thakarr

Dragonborn Knight of Avandra. Son of Shamash Thakarr, a merchant noble of Lorut. He was tasked with what should have been a routine trade expedition to Tal Kazat in Protence, to give him experience in the family business. During that trip, however, he managed to offend the Lady Varya, an important figure in the region, and she had him imprisoned under her estate.

The Heroes of the Ebon Tower slew Varya and released Jyrus from his captivity. It was discovered that during the tortures she inflicted upon him, she had bestowed some sort of curse as well. He thus went over to the care of the Knights of Avandra to guard him and watch for any malevolent effects. The whole episode gave him a change of heart regarding his career choice, and he decided to join the Knights rather than follow in his father’s mercantile footsteps. At the end of the Deathwind war, he was stationed at Hallowdwell to watch over Avandran interests there during his knight’s pilgrimage.

No ritual remove curse has yet been able to lift Varya’s mark on Jyrus. Those who have attempted (priests of Avandra, Pelor, and Erathis alike) have come to a consensus that it is some manner of geas, either a ban from doing some act, or a task that he must perform at some point in the future. With Varya dead, it’s unclear whether this magically enforced oath will ever come to pass; nothing seems to have come of it in the decade or so since the fall of the Deathwind. The now full-fledged Knight currently works with Coronatum‘s Avandra’s Eye organization to guard against malign arcane influence in Centralia.

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Jyrus Thakarr

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