Dwarven Rimefire Plate Armor

Worn by Coronatum


This plate armor is constructed in the Dwarven style, all hard angles and geometric shapes. The metal, though of a dark color itself, has an elusive pale-blue sheen that ripples and shimmers like cold flame: the telltale sign of the elemental infusion needed to forge Rimefire metal. The wearer feels a powerful inner vitality, laughing off the bumps, scrapes, and discomforts of the life of an armored adventurer… and in a time of need, can draw on a rush of this life-force to mend his wounds, no matter how beaten or exhausted he may be.


The workmanship suggests an origin at the hands of a Dwarven craftsman, but it is sized for a much taller build. Moreover, the party found it hidden in the body of a Mimic in the Towers of Ceremoor. Was it built for an Arktfarian front-linesman by a Dwarven smith allied with the army, or one pressed unwillingly into service? Was the item stored away when the chest was animated into a lurking monster, or did the Mimic devour the wearer, leaving the armor undigested? At this point, one can only conjecture.

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Dwarven Rimefire Plate Armor

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