Dark Legion

A mercenary company originating in southwestern Arktfar, comprised largely of monstrous humanoids and other outsiders to society. They began their existence as a marauding bandit force, but turned to less criminal, if still martial, pursuits when their leader had a religious conversion to the service of Pelor. They fought against the Deathwind during that war, with particular distinction in the battle of Ceremoor. They attempted to stop the Heroes of the Ebon Tower from reaching their objective, thinking (rightly, it turns out) that Ouroboros meant to seize the Tower for his own purposes. They failed, however, and history now recounts them as a well-meaning but misguided group brought low by their own monstrous instincts.

The group consisted of a few hundred fighters in all, but the six leading members’ names are known:

  • Julius Bonchev, a Longtooth Shifter Warlord, nicknamed “Crusher”. Deceased.
  • Corann Xo, a Hobgoblin Ranger, nicknamed “Tornado”. The only member of the group known to have escaped the battle outside Deathwind Manor.
  • Dathon Stormcrow, a Deva Fighter, nicknamed “Seraph”. Deceased, presumably reincarnated.
  • Kang, a Dragonborn Sorcerer. Deceased.
  • Robert Graycloak, a Human Wizard. Deceased.
  • Wisp, a Kobold Rogue. Deceased.

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Dark Legion

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