Crown of Infernal Legacy

Worn by Aislynn Athamae


This circlet is made of thin hammered metal, ranging from bronze to bloody copper in color. Etched into the outside of the circle is a banded, spiraling pattern reminiscent of Tiefling horns. At first glance, it would seem that the crown is damaged, with two odd dents at one side, but in fact this is an intentional part of the design, meant to help the headgear fit comfortably behind a pair of horns. When the wearer channels the fury inherent in Tiefling blood, a red glow spreads through the patterns on the crown, illuminating Supernal runes hidden among the etchings, and hellish fire streaks out through the user’s weapon.


Also known as Turathi Circlets or Hellprince Crowns, these bands were once a mark of nobility in the ancient Tiefling empire of Bael Turath; murals unearthed in Tiefling ruins often feature war leaders and sorcerers with blazing red halos. In the present age, only a few artificers in Protence have managed to recover the techniques of their construction. This particular specimen was acquired in a tomb raid by the Order of the Nightshade, and lay in their collection for some time before Elhazra gifted the party with it.

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Crown of Infernal Legacy

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