Crimson Brotherhood

An assassins’ guild, the Crimson Brotherhood have achieved the status of bogeymen. They are featured as stock villains in penny dreadfuls and touring company plays throughout Centralia, and mothers warn misbehaving children that if they don’t stop acting up, the Brotherhood will take them away. None of these accurately reflect, in the least, the operating methods of the Crimson Brotherhood, though the Brotherhood tends to find it useful misdirection and outstanding for the times when overt intimidation becomes a necessary tool.

The Crimson Brotherhood is a highly professional business collective, whose unfortunate business is that of murder. They are not mad-dog killers, but instead highly-trained, well-equipped and precise agents who pride themselves on clean operations. Brutal, obvious tactics are frowned upon, not out of any concern of bystanders, but because they alert a target, who might use the chaos to escape the wiser that someone is out to get them. There are no “off-limit” weapons or techniques, save for the prohibition that all actions be carefully considered as to prevent harm to the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood originated in Arktfar, in some ways a shadow version of the tight military professionalism that characterized that nation before it collapsed under the Deathwind. Fleeing the country like everyone else, the Crimson Brotherhood set up shop in Hallowdwell, intent on continuing its business no matter where its home base had relocated. However, the loss of agents, materials, wealth weapons and their normal bases of operations during the flight from Arktfar has meant that the Brotherhood has begun to take risks that were previously unthinkable. At this time, rumors of Brotherhood infiltration into Allandria have been dismissed as fanciful tales by overactive imaginations. How long this comforting falsehood remains unchallenged is anyone’s guess.

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Crimson Brotherhood

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