Centralia is a massive land mass in the center of the known world that was once the seat of the Centralian Empire, a mighty continent-wide empire that fell to internal bickering and petty politics that led into a massively destructive civil war. From the ashes of that once great empire, the continent has rebuilt. Six nations now divide the land, built along racial lines.

Humans, and a significant minority of halflings, dominate the oft-warring kingdoms of Allandria and Arktfar. Mercantile-oriented dragonborn have established a trader’s paradise in the sands of Lorut. Elves and Eladrin share an uneasy coexistence in the verdant forests of Greenwood. The sturdy dwarves have created great halls carved deep from the mountains of Northrock. Arcane-oriented tieflings squabble over internal politics in the harsh and barren terrain of Protence.

Since the fall of the Centralian Empire, the divided nations have had generally cool relations, though occasional hostilities do break out. These are rarely more than border skirmishes, though the warfare between Allandria and Arktfar has been an on again, off again process of treaties signed and broken. Trade between the nations is steady, though high protective tariffs and xenophobic guards often make traders’ lives hellish. The exception to this is Lorut, which actively encourages trade activity.

During the Centralian Empire, envoys were regularly sent to other continents. After the fall of the Empire, and the massive death and destruction that came with it, knowledge of other continents faded from Centralia. At this point, only nearby Ostlund is regularly visited by Centralians, and even then, these are almost all Lorutian traders that rarely venture beyond the harbor. Fragments suggest the presence of other continents, but no single nation has the inclination or the reasons to devote to a major seafaring expedition to discover them. Even if their existence were to be proven, not even the Lorutian Merchant Fleet would have the resources to set up a viable trade route at this time.

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