Al-Hiraj is an old, decrepit man with a sharply hooked nose that, combined with his bald head and stooped posture, gives him the unsettling appearance of a vulture. His skin has a waxy, unhealthy pallor and his eyes are deeply sunken into his head and ringed with black. As a devotee of the Raven Queen, al-Hiraj is always seen in his purple-black monk’s robes, with the insignia of his goddess in silver across his heart.

Al-Hiraj operated a school of magic, The Tower of Silence in Arktfar, that doubled as a convent for devotees of the Raven Queen. A heretical group within the school, led by Al-hiraj’s own granddaughter Elhazra, rebelled against Al-hiraj’s control, forming the Order of the Nightshade. These ex-students believed that the use of necromantic magic was no sin against the Raven Queen if put to noble ends. With his following weakened by the schism, Al-hiraj was unable to keep his Tower safe when the Deathwind swept through Arktfar, and fled with his remaining retinue to Hallowdwell.

The cleric/wizard attempted to recruit the Heroes of the Ebon Tower to spy upon and undermine the Order of the Nightshade, but they sided with the Order against him. He sent Raven Queen zealots against them in Lorut, and eventually tried to kill them himself when they breached the Ebon Tower. He was slain in that battle, and his remains are presumed lost with the Tower itself.

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