More than a decade has passed since a band of heroes delivered The Ebon Tower from the forces vying for control of it. The Deathwind has subsided, and the now united kingdoms of Allandria and Arktfar have made substantial progress in the arduous task of rebuilding from that tragedy and the wars before it. The continents of Centralia and Ostlund have enjoyed a peace unknown while the energies of the Tower were still put to vile ends.

A world so steeped in magic does not long remain stable, however, and power, even in the hands of a hero, leads to corruption and rash action. Monsters from the Feywild increasingly roam the material world, displaced from their enchanted homes in the wake of the Tower’s passing. Aberrations of the Far Realm, once a rarity, now attack in force: even the mighty castle Hallowdwell, long a symbol of strength and hope for the civilized races, has fallen, its walls crawling with maddening horrors.

Amid this turmoil, it might almost have gone unnoticed that a more sinister, organized force gathers from across the planes. Demons and devils, elementals and archons rally to the banner of a figure not seen these many years. Ouroboros, once the storied leader of the fight against the Deathwind, now follows in the footsteps of Meros the Wise, Lord de Thuin, and the Woodwalker, turning the Ebon Tower to his own purposes. Guided by visions of disaster and clues that dark work is afoot, a new band of heroes leaves Centralia for Sigil, the City of Doors, seeking answers and resources for their fight. Some of them Deathwind veterans, others new to the world stage, each has an interest in saving the multiverse from the depredations of the mighty and arcane.

Themes of the Paragon Tier

People of Story and Song: Completing the capstone quest of a tier has made you a figure celebrated or feared, spoken of in hushed and reverent tones. The tales about you may be inaccurate or exaggerated, but everyone has heard them, and will know you by your name, garb, or powers. You will attract admirers and followers, wanting to learn from you or profit by your fame. What will you teach or give them?

Equal and Opposite Reactions: Every action has its consequence. One faction pleased makes another angry. One quest undertaken means another disregarded. Though mighty, heroes of the paragon tier cannot be everywhere at once. What are your priorities, and can you justify them to the others who are counting on you?

You Can Never Go Home: The heroes travel from one plane to the next, one exotic locale after another, but “home” is a far-off place, a distant concept. Characters of the paragon tier labor under an involuntary wanderlust, their stays in ports of call brief. If you never know when next you’ll see a friend in a settled place, the only solace you find is in your fellow travelers.

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