The Woodwalker is the latest incarnation of an ancient and powerful lich that once plagued Ostlund. This lich is responsible for the slow rotting of that continent, and once nearly conquered the entire continent from his lair deep below the Sangocor Mountains. The scattered tribes of the Wen united, along with the war-ravaged dwarves of Sangocor, to defeat this lich. The final blow against the lich was struck by a member of the Red Wen with the sword Valkyrie, forged by the dwarves and blessed by Kord. The story of this epic battle has already entered into the annals of legend amongst the Wen.

The lich’s spirit did not die its body, and in its rage and confusion found itself embodied in a wolf. The powerful spirit energies transformed the lich into a werewolf-like creature. This hybrid gained a great deal of intelligence, but luckily was bereft of the most powerful of its magicks. This merged creature still contained the soul of a predator, and began attacking isolated settlements of the Wen to sate its bloodlust. The Wen named this new terror the Woodwalker, who became an all-too-real bogeyman. The creature even managed to kill the man who had ended its reign of terror in its previous form, but was himself defeated by the young child of the champion of the Wen. He used his wiles to escape, and the child vowed vengeance.

At some point, the Woodwalker managed to make his way to Centralia, possibly drawn by the chaos, death and massive necrotic energies of the Deathwind. He began to haunt the forests of Greenwood, plaguing elven settlements as he once haunted the Wen. That past came back to haunt him as the now-grown child who defeated him once before, the barbarian warrior Hilde, met him in battle again. This time she did not hesitate in landing her final blow, and the lich’s spirit was dispelled once again.

The threat of the Woodwalker might now be gone, but the lich’s spirit most likely still haunts this world. When it will return, and what form it may take next, is unknown. Doubtless, the Valkyrie will be waiting for it when it does.

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