Strategic Actions

Each character gets to take two “strategic actions” per day, one during the day and one in the evening. The options are:

  • Delve. Take on encounters in the dungeon or wilderness.
  • Explore. Make a Dungeoneering or Nature skill check. Success: Discover new adventuring areas, or assess the inhabitants of an already discovered area.
  • Extended Rest. Per the rules in the Player’s Handbook.
  • Influence. Interact with an NPC from a known faction and make a skill check, usually Diplomacy, Bluff, or Intimidate, to gain favor with that group.
  • Train. Retrain a power/skill/feat. Or gain a token amount of XP.
  • Ritual. Perform one yourself, or commission one from an NPC.
  • Shop for items and equipment.
  • Socialize. Make an Insight or Streetwise skill check. Success: Discover new factions or NPCs for Influence actions, or assess what skills/actions will advance standing with an already discovered faction.
  • Travel to another location.
  • Other actions may include making skill rolls toward a non-faction ongoing skill challenge, pure RP actions, etc.


You can push yourself to take a third strategic action in a day if you don’t take an Extended Rest. However, going too long without rest will incur fatigue penalties, generally a cumulative -1 to all die rolls.

Each strategic action is considered an encounter for the purposes of power use and recovery, but not for achieving milestones.

Strategic Actions

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