A Breath of Fresh Air

(Partial Victory.) Apparently a magic, and somewhat musical, staff wielded by a nefarious gnome was driving the plague clouds away from Black Hearth. The gnome escaped with it, however.

A Token of Good Faith

The party procured a measure of deadly nightshade for Elhazra… or at least something that passed for one. Temporarily.

Too Close for Comfort

Our heroes discovered a site once claimed by an ancient Centralian death cult. The curiously intelligent walking dead there were hard at work on a ritual to open a rift into the Shadowfell, abducting villagers for food and sacrifice.

Dwarf Fortress Reclamation

The heroes defeated the host of kobolds, a white dragon wyrmling (which escaped), and a group of Shadar-kai, liberating a scant handful of dwarven survivors.

I Can Trust You with This… Right?

The party delivered a Lifedrinking Dagger and a scroll of Nightshade Initiation into the hands of a half-elven apprentice named Saraiha.

I Have to Kill the Cute Fuzzy… Myself?

Saraiah required some assistance in carrying out the ritual, for which the heroes captured a Gauth and oversaw the casting itself. A curious bond formed between Ouroboros and Saraiah.

The Elven Ambassador

With spectacular aplomb, the heroes escorted Prince Donovan to Greenwood and secured the alliance of the elves. They got more than they bargained for, however, including a run-in with the Woodwalker, a bumbling Nightshade apprentice, and the prince developing a crush on the Elven ambassadora.

Now Listen Here, Young Man

With the help of Bohm, the party was able to persuade the reluctant Prince Donovan to resume his work in the arcane arts.

The Broken Tower

Duros Keep is now clear of goblins. During the purge, the gnome with the mysterious jingling staff appeared again, but vanished in the claws of the white dragon from Coppernight Hold.

Liberating Dorwich

Dorwich was under the control of a powerful female arcanist known only as “Agony” and her wererat cohorts. The captives were rescued and brought back to Hallowdwell, but Agony escaped.

What Lurks in the Shadows

Hilde slew the Woodwalker in the group’s second encounter with it. She now wears its head as a cowl.

Assault on Ceremoor

With the help of the Dark Legion and the power of the Nightshade Staff, the party drove the undead from the Towers and defeated one of the Doom Sisters.

It Wasn’t Me! …Not This Time, Anyway

After Deftblade assisted in the vetting of the Dark Legion during the assault on Ceremoor, Ouroboros convinced Ironstone to lift the bounty on his head. The real culprit in the temple robbery remains at large.

The “Dragon” of the Pass & Rite of Avandra

The party routed a lair of Snaketongue cultists who had been preying on nearby merchant caravans, defeating an enormous Feymire Crocodile the cultists were worshipping as Zehir himself. Coronatum was rewarded with the full title of Knight of Avandra.

I Hear You’ve Come Into Some Money…

Zera proved quite pliable under Hilde’s form of persuasion. The Grim Razors got their full due back.

What Lies Beneath

The party sent Elhazra a vial of Shadow-tainted water via a Port Notrick cabalist, under guard of the Dark Legion.

Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

The cultists of Zehir had the formula for a Universal Antidote, which Aislynn copied and sent to Hallowdwell in the care of a Twilight Wanderer courier.

Old Friends of Yours, Lahktar?

The party summarily dispatched the band of misfit Avandran knights, who were experimenting with elemental magics at an abandoned temple on the town outskirts.

Thicker Than Water

The Lady Varya of Tal Kazat revealed that the young boy traded away in Vorpat’s coup was none other than Ouroboros. Aislynn was skeptical at first, but the truth has borne out.

Due Process

Jyrus Thakarr, somewhat the worse for wear, was liberated from the Varya estate and sent back to Port Notrick with the Knights of Avandra. A curse lay upon him, but Aislynn sent instruction for him to be delivered first to a learned cleric.

Strings of Gold and Chords of Power

Lahktar found Corellon’s Golden Lyre among Vorpat’s collection of magical items. He never realized its true power, however, leaving that task to his son Rasul.

Those Left Behind

Ouroboros and Lahktar found Meros, who had died trying to enter the Ebon Tower. By this point they knew the truth of his evil plans, however, and had no wish to reunite with him.

Crown of Thorns

With Julius of the Dark Legion dead, Tethys left for dead in the Shadowfell, Vorpat slain, and Meros stranded in astral form in the Feywild, Aislynn’s vengeance is complete.

The Dark Tower

Ouroboros found the Dark Tower, and indeed seized its power for himself. What he will do with it is not yet clear, though it doesn’t look good.

Emissary of the Ravaged Land

With the Woodwalker permanently destroyed at last, Ostlund can once again thrive.

To Vanquish Death

Between the removal of the Ebon Tower from the world, and Hilde’s defeat of the Woodwalker under the Sangocor Mountains, the Deathwind is no more.

Failed, Declined, and Expired

Running with the Wrong Crowd

While the group was more than successful in gaining the trust of Elhazra, they actually sided with her, declining to give intelligence on her organization to Al-hiraj. The old cleric of the Raven Queen is not pleased.

Orc Stronghold

While the party was away on the southern front, an expedition of Allandrian irregulars reclaimed Volus Keep, at significant cost in life.

The Traitor Tyrol

Scouts report that Lord Tyrol has apparently committed suicide, taking his family with him. Whatever knowledge he had of the Deathwind, it is now lost to the Shadowfell and the mysteries beyond it.

Damn Slippery Halflings

With the bounty on Deftblade lifted, the party can no longer turn him in for reward.

The Threat of Gray Wolf

The monsters of Arktfar now wander southwestern Centralia in marauding bands. Corann “Tornado” Xo of the Dark Legion is known to be among them.

The Crack of Doom

The Nightshade Staff merged with the Ebon Tower when Ouroboros performed the ritual to open its doors. Its influence may never have quite been purged from the wizard.

Vor Kragal Reborn

Ouroboros gave up his dream of creating an arcane library to disseminate magical knowledge to the masses. Instead he used the Tower to accumulate as much knowledge as possible to himself, his purposes as yet unclear.

The Ebon Tower

The Tower was not destroyed, though it was cut off from the world for a time. Its final fate is yet to be determined.


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