Paragon Quests

In Progress

Refuges of the Draconic Diaspora (major)

Secure the planar outposts established by the Arkhosian ancients.

Progress: Our heroes control the Shadowfell outpost “Nerull’s Defeat”, the Logos colony bordering the Far Realm, and the arcane library “The Kecian Keep” in the Feywild. They know the location of one more, in the Elemental Chaos.

Grand Theft Spelljammer (major)

Recover Banford’s airship, and its cargo, from his treacherous manservant Duth.


Destiny, Interrupted (major)

Travel to Sunheim to restore Lysander’s lost divine powers. Then find a way to send him to the “alternate” Allandria where he believes his destiny lies.

Raiment of the Angels (Coronatum)

Deliver information about the Ayrkashna Armor to Cuatha D’anin in Sigil.

Hallowdwell’s Fallen Ramparts (major)

Find a way to seal the planar rifts allowing eldritch horrors to invade Allandria, and retake Castle Hallowdwell from them.

A Prisoner in My Own Walls (Aislynn)

Find a way to free the animating intelligence of the Ebon Tower from its sessile body.

Progress: Mathonwy’s research suggests that the creation of a warforged (a self-aware humanoid construct) would produce a perfect vessel for the Ebon Tower’s life force. The artificers of House Cannith on the plane of Eberron may know the secrets of warforged creation, and the tieflings of ancient Bael Turath are said to have known the trick as well.

Hero, Traitor, Brother (tier)

Gain access to Ouroboros’s private demiplane and seize the Ebon Tower back from him.


Say “Man and Wife” (Aislynn)

Aislynn left someone at the altar when she went to Hallowdwell at Coronatum’s urging. Who was he, and does he want his fiancĂ©e back?

I Don’t Need Two Hands to Kill You

The manananggal witch whose hand the party used as a portal key from Sigil to Gloomwrought is still at large. She attempted to take her revenge on the party in Mithrendain, but was defeated again, this time losing her tongue in the process.

Weaponized Fate

Banford wanted Ihara freed from Carceri for some reason. Does he intend to use her misfortune field to wreak havoc somewhere?

A Knight and His Geas (Coronatum)

Jyrus Thakarr was last seen walking, glassy-eyed and in possession of some sort of artifact orb, toward Protence. Does this have to do with the curse laid on him by Lady Varya?

A Favor Owed (Coronatum)

Coronatum’s dubious contact in the outer Nine Hells wants Coro to do him a favor, in exchange for delivering the Planar Stasis Boots Coro needed. Banford has passed along the hint that the product of a Mane Ring Binding ritual may pay the price.

Sanford’s Dying Gift

Sanford the Cartographer is dead, felled at last by an assassin’s blade meant for his lookalike Banford. His final wish was that the party receive one of his maps. What is it for?


Unfinished Business

The dead Lord Athemae resides in the Shadowfell city of Gloomwrought, where he continues his life’s work of befriending the downtrodden and shaking up the social order. He pointed the way to one of the planar outposts, and now provides the party with hidden knowledge.

The Imprisoned Messiah

Lysander had been held prisoner by none other than Ouroboros, who somehow stole the young paladin’s divine power from him. Though the tiefling still had plans for the boy, the party was able, in a self-sacrificing move, to buy him time to escape.

Last of the Xavier Line

Adell recovered Donovan’s mangled hand from a refuse heap in occupied Hallowdwell and returned it to the group’s stronghold in the Shadowfell. When Bohm heard of the party’s defeat and capture by Ouroboros, he went ahead and performed the ritual to raise the king.

The Wishtaker

The Lady Ihara was not terribly interested in being rescued. She had, it turns out, imprisoned herself to protect her loved ones from a curse of misfortune hanging about her. She submitted to capture, only to be snatched away by Banford before leaving Carceri.

Prison of Gods and Heroes

With the help (for suspicious motives) of the mysterious Banford, the friends of the heroes broke the seal on the island of Minethys, freeing the captives. A booby-trap took the life of the githyanki corsair Lothar-Kos. Was it a small price to pay or a great one?

Voice of the Revolution

Nothing if not determined and individualistic, Adell made a second attempt at breaching the Prison, and this time made it in. After a few scrapes (such as convincing Aryl Swan’s Son that she was “Sgt. Brandis Vaughn”), she broke Varl free. His mind seems intact… mostly.

Music of the Feywild

At the urging of Corellon’s Golden Lyre, and with the help of Kesi, Rasul led the party to Senaliesse, seat of the Summer Court and meeting place of high eladrin from across the Feywild. When he played the Lyre there, it created a new planar outpost, an echo of Ouroboros’s lost dreams of building an arcane library.

Lost Thorn of the Nightshade

The party found Elhazra at a remote retreat, accessible from a one-way portal at the Far Realm planar fortress. She was wasting away and slowly going mad from a curse laid on her by her new Star Pact patron, but by intervening with psychic surgery, they cured her.


A specter Saraiah unbound from a tome in Sigil proved to be the very expert the party needed to perform the surgery on Elhazra. Doing so was a blow to Elseleth that freed the ghost from the failure keeping it bound to the mortal world.

A Wizard Wrote It

With the help of the party’s tikbalang allies, they tracked Ouroboros’s ritual book to the Autumn City, Mithrendain, which was under siege by fomorians. They found the book in the library of the Tempest Lord Dal’nith. Ouroboros manifested himself (having disguised himself as Saraiah) and tried to reclaim his prized possession, but the party battled him off and escaped.

Fall of the Autumn City

Using Ouroboros’s ritual book and the assistance of a circle of Eladrin elementalists and planeshifters, the party opened a rift to the Elemental Chaos that disrupted the fomorian siege around Mithrendain with a terrible blizzard. Unfortunately, the blizzard seems to now be a permanent feature of the city, plunging it into the Long Winter prophesied by Ashra’s courtiers.

Paragon Quests

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