Mearis Lord de Thuin

Human lord, a member of the Noble Council of Arktfar. A notorious hawk, his position on the struggle with Allandria was that the two kingdoms could not coexist, and the war between them could not end until one or the other was utterly destroyed. King Xavier V is known to have met privately with de Thuin, attempting to sway his thinking to greater compassion, but even these royal overtures did nothing to change his mind: he fought the Great Treaty to the very end.

de Thuin has not been seen since the signing of the Treaty. He is rumored to have something to do with the Deathwind, as a self-destructive act of vengeance from the old guard of Arktfar against Allandria.

Through the action of the Heroes of the Ebon Tower, it was revealed that de Thuin was at the core of the Ebon Tower. Whether or not the ravages of the Deathwind are his responsibility is an open question. When the Heroes found Lord de Thuin sitting on the throne in the center of the Tower, he was unable to communicate in words, instead grunting and barely aware of his surroundings. He attacked the Heroes in an incoherent rage, his physical strength seemingly enhanced by the Tower. The Heroes killed de Thuin, though it was unlikely had he lived that he would have been able to reveal more of his motives. It is suggested by some mages that the immense arcane power of the Ebon Tower may have been too much for someone like de Thuin, who showed no magical aptitude during his long military career, to handle without shattering his mind. In that case, the Deathwind was the product of a mind reduced to bare emotion and not the calculated plot of an Arktfarian noble. Unsurprisingly, this interpretation is championed in Arktfar; elsewhere, it is regarded as unprovable speculation.

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Mearis Lord de Thuin

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