Master's Wand of Magic Missiles

Wielded by Saraiah


Made of unpainted pewter, this wand is nothing if not heavy, conveying a sense of mass and force. Though many dents and scratches mar the design, the length of it spirals in a unicorn-horn style, ending in a broad hook like a bird’s beak or talon. It adds slightly to the accuracy of all the user’s spells, but magic missiles in particular gain momentum to go with their energy, buffeting foes backward when they strike.


When the heroes found this, a corruption corpse was using it as a crude gouge to rend its own flesh, its mind much too far gone to understand the true function of what it held. Given the wand’s workmanlike construction and the soldierly aspects of the corruption corpse’s zombie companions, the wand probably originated as a battlefield artifice by an Arktfarian war wizard.

The wand was Ouroboros’ signature weapon during the Deathwind era, but he lost possession of it following the final battles. The wand then came into the possession of Saraiah who seeks to turn it against its former master.

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Master's Wand of Magic Missiles

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