Heroes of the Ebon Tower

The Heroes of the Ebon Tower are the group of individuals who received the lion’s share of the credit and accolades for pushing back the threat of the Deathwind that devastated the former Kingdom of Arktfar, nearly toppled the former Allandria and threatened the rest of the continent of Centralia. Tales of their deeds have spread through the entire continent and have become popular legends, though many of the stories are of questionable accuracy. Nevertheless, these individuals have become paragons of bravery and might throughout all lands:

Hilde is only member of the band of Heroes that is known to have died in the ten years that have passed since the Battle of the Ebon Tower. A member of the Wen barbarian tribes of Ostlund, Hilde came from a line of great heroes, not the least of which were her mother and father ( Hilde’s Saga). She came from Ostlund to Centralia in hopes of finding a cure to the taint that infected the very earth of Ostlund. Armed with her fallen mother’s sword, the Valkyrie, Hilde was a ferocious and powerful warrior that would lose herself in berserker rages. Following the battle, Hilde lost her sense of purpose, fighting as a gladiator and a mercenary. She finally tracked the lich who had been plaguing Ostlund back to his lair deep under the Sangocor Mountains and defeated once again. However the system of dwarven tunnels under the mountains collasped upon her following the battle, burying her under tons of rock. Like her mother, father and ancestors, Hilde has become a larger-than-life figure of legend…this time, for both the people of Centralia and Ostlund.

Ouroboros, the dour wizard and third student of Meros the Wise, has disappeared since the final battle. It is told, in some stories, that he sacrificed himself to save the world. Others say that he decided to leave this world of his own volition, withdrawing to a world more suited to his misanthropic, arcane tendencies. His sister Aislynn, another of the Heroes of the Ebon Tower, refuses to speak publicly about the fate of her brother, which is no surprise considering her guardedness. The fact that the normally garrulous Lahktar also has nothing to say about the ultimate fate of his former schoolmate only reinforces the mystery.

The paladin Coronatum, with the weight of the Knights of Avandra behind him, formed the information network called Avandra’s Eye following the battle. The goal of Avandra’s Eye to is to discover plots that might destablize Centralia, particularly those of an arcane or supernatural nature, and end them before they have time to blossom. This mission of the organization was directly related to his experiences with the Ebon Tower. Coronatum was very high profile for many years following the battle, but has since retreated from the public eye, possibly deep into the network he created. Occasional letters with terse commands, sent without a return address, indicate that he is still alive and very much still working for the security of Centralia.

Lahktar, psychic, bard and merchant, has clearly been the member of the Heroes who has most materially profited from his adventures. Due to his close friendship with then-Prince Donovan, now King Donovan, he became a fixture at Hallowdwell and helped negotiate the treatry that united Allandria and Arktfar into the new Centralian Kingdom. Following those efforts, Lahktar returned home to Lorut a hero and opened a very profitable business in partnership with Sanford the Cartographer. Lahktar continues to regale visitors with tales of the Heroes of the Ebon Tower, and his (ghost)written memoriors of his experience has become a popular book across the entire continent.

Following the final battle Aislynn Athamae, through intermediaries, worked to push through radical changes to the political and social structure of Protence in an attempt to reform the system that lead to the destruction of her family. She refused to return to her former homeland in person, however, as it carried too many awful memories. Instead, she took up residence at Meros’ Tower, which became a center of arcane learning for orphans who showed great talent in the mystical arts that need guidance, support and care. She is rarely seen outside of the tower, and rarely welcomes vistors, choosing instead to focus upon what has become her life’s work.

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Heroes of the Ebon Tower

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