Dramatis personae of the Chronicles of Hallowdwell

Player Characters

  • Aislynn Athamae – Vengeful Tiefling warlock, a former slave
  • Beezra – Canny Halfling swordmage, leading a train of the defenseless
  • Brook Redwood – Razorclaw Shifter ranger, seeking revenge on the storm giants that destroyed his tribe
  • Coronatum – Implacable Dragonborn paladin, proving his worth in service to the goddess of travel
  • Hilde – Human barbarian seeking a cure for the blight on her homeland
  • Lahktar – Good-natured Dragonborn bard, classmate of Ouroboros
  • Ouroboros – Ambitious Tiefling wizard in search of arcane knowledge

Guest and Supporting Player Characters

  • Bohm – Halfling cleric of Pelor, clumsy and naive but powerful in faith
  • Deftblade – Sly Halfling thief, paramour of Beezra
  • Elhazra – A Human warlock researching dark powers to turn them against the undead
  • Prince Donovan – Human heir to the Allandrian throne, brash and amorous

Non-Player Characters

  • Al-Hiraj (deceased) – Brooding agent of the Raven Queen, driven from his base of operations by treachery and plague
  • The Doom Sisters (deceased) – Mysterious, powerful commanders of Deathwind forces
  • Jyrus Thakarr – Son of a Lorutian merchant noble, joined the Knights of Avandra
  • Lilandra – Eladrin wizard and mistress of the Feywild
  • Longtooth – Shifter mercenary hired for covert missions by the Order of the Nightshade
  • Mariana Elletai – Noblewoman and ranger, Ambassador of Greenwood to Allandria
  • Sir Mattheus Ironstone – Dwarf paladin of Erathis, his life sworn to the service of Allandria
  • Meros the Wise (deceased) – Missing mentor to Lahktar and Ouroboros
  • Pharod – Dour but crafty Gnome, in possession of a staff with power over the undead
  • Sanford the Cartographer – Allandrian scholar and publisher of a mildly successful series of maps and almanacs
  • Stiletto (deceased) – Brutal leader of an assassin’s guild establishing operations in Hallowdwell
  • Vaya – Lieutenant in the Society of Twilight Wanderers with unrequited desire for Deftblade
  • Lady Varya (deceased) – Tiefling noble fallen out of favor with her patron Vorpat
  • Vorpat (deceased) – Tiefling wizard, Archmage of Protence
  • The Woodwalker (deceased) – Monstrous but cunning spirit wolf who claims power over life and death

Historical Figures

  • Juno – High sorceress of Protence in a past age, author of well known treatises on magic
  • Constance – Empress of the Centralian Empire who forced a temporary end to slavery in Protence, under threat of invasion
  • Balenor – First Among Equals that restored slavery to Protence during the last years of the Centralian Empire
  • Heroes of the Ebon Tower – The band of adventurers that ended the Deathwind, the saviors of Centralia


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