Wizard with an unsettling arcane connection to the villain Ouroboros


Saraiah is proof that the ripples caused by heroes often have unforeseen consequences. Saraiah first met the Heroes of the Ebon Tower during the time of the Deathwind. A shy, naive but incredibly curious initiate of the Order of the Nightshade, she was helped in her initiation into the Order by the heroes. During the ceremony to secure the pact, something went askew. Through some unknown arcane mishap, a mental bridge was opened between her and the wizard Ouroboros, tying them together. In times of great emotion, Ouroboros’ feelings “leak” into Saraiah’s mind, allowing her insight into the mind of the dark wizard. It is unknown whether or not the reverse is true, though Saraiah suspects that this is likely.

The mental bridge has influenced her in more subtle ways as well. Elements of Ouroboros’ personality have slowly grown in her as well. Whereas ten years ago she was shy, Saraiah now has found a confidence to speak out, her intellect and her keen insight into the motives of others making her a powerful public speaker. Ouroboros’ dour and grim personality seems to have influenced Saraiah more than a little bit; the once wide-eyed teenager has become much more reserved in terms of personality and possessing of a wit so dry that it might catch fire. However, the strong sense of justice and decency that she possessed remains—perhaps stronger than ever. Her insight into the mind of Ouroboros has given her a steely resolve to stop him, no matter the cost to herself. Her determination, plus her ability to make uncanny arcane leaps due to her mental link with Ouroboros, has allowed her to become a very powerful illusion wizard, giving physical form to her personal belief that a strong mind is the most powerful tool any being can possess.


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