Ambitious Tiefling wizard in search of arcane knowledge


Gruff, dour, arrogant, reflective, haunted and unpredictable would all be appropriate and accurate descriptions of Meros the Wise’s third apprentice, the Tiefling wizard Ouroboros. Orphaned not long after his birth by parents exiled from Protence, Ouroboros looks to Meros not only as his master and teacher, but the closest thing he has to family. Dedicated to the studies of the arcane, he is often chafed by both the sunny disposition and utter lack of dedication exhibited by the Dragonborn bard Lahktar, his fellow apprentice for the past ten years. Having only rarely left Meros’ tower for his entire life, leaving only on rare errands, he is very well-read but lacks in real world experience.

Ouroboros has been plagued by nightmares of something called the Ebon Tower for years. This black spire holds both fascination and repulsion for the wizard, who seeks to discover whether the Tower is only a dream, or a horrible reality.

After many adventures through the fractured nations of Centralia, Ouroboros found that the Tower was at the center of the Deathwind plague. Ouroboros and his companions took it upon themselves to unite the continent against the imminent threat. As he grew closer to the Tower, the dreams and visions grew stronger, aided by the disillusionment Ouroboros felt with Meros once it became clear that he only saw Ouroboros as a means to an end—the end being control of the Tower. Ouroboros also felt a deep bitterness that the first woman he even felt anything akin to love for, the warlock Elhazra, took up with a smooth-talking halfling thief-lord. Even the revelation that his sister lived was tinged with bitterness, as she had been a slave for years after their family was deposed by trusted allies…and at the instigation of Meros, the closest thing he knew to a father.

In the end, Ouroboros and his companions succeeded in stopping the plague and preventing the forces of evil from turning the tower to their own ends. Knowing the might of the tower would continue to attract those who would turn the Tower toward destruction, Ouroboros convinced the group to let him take the Ebon Tower into a pocket dimension where it would be safe from grasping hands. And just like that, the young but jaded wizard disappeared, leaving behind only a few items—and a heroic legacy—to mark that he existed at all.


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