Hilde is a barbarian on a mission to restore fertility to her homeland.


Hilde comes from the Wen nation of Ostlund, specifically from the Red Wen tribe. Women are commonly warriors, since the Red Wen descended from Brunhilda, the great warrior.

Hilde’s mother Sigrid was a great warrior herself, who was killed fighting the lich that unleashed a wave of undead on Ostlund.

Hilde also speaks Dwarven. The Dwarves of Sangocor Mountain banded together with the Wen to fight the undead hordes that the lich used to displace the Dwarves from their underground home when Hilde was a very young child.

Her sword, the Valkyrie, was forged by the Dwarves for her mother to fight the Lich. Hilde later recovered the Valkyrie from her father, Nyjal, when he tried to slay the deadly and mysterious Woodwalker.

After the Wen and the Sangocor Dwarves fought off the hordes, there was peace restored to Ostalund for a time until another more powerful deathwind came that destroyed the land. The Wen had no choice but to send a member from each of the 8 tribes across the sea to find answers, and this is how Hilde finds herself in this adventure…

For details of this history, read Hilde’s Saga


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