A woman with a deep interest in the art of necromancy


Granddaughter of Al-Hiraj, once one of his students. She found the strictures of the Raven Queen’s philosophy to be an undue dampening influence on her growing arcane power, and gathered a group of like-minded students to her, forming the Order of the Nightshade. One of her first acts in this splinter group was to form a dark pact with an unknown entity of the Shadowfell, turning her into a potent warlock.

During the war with the Deathwind, Elhazra and her Order researched necromancy, hoping to find a way to seize control of or pacify the undead hordes. Her greatest discovery was the artifact that came to be known as the Nightshade Staff, which proved to be the key to opening The Ebon Tower. Though the staff was briefly stolen by Pharod, the Heroes of the Ebon Tower recovered it. With her expertise and Ouroboros‘s combined, they were able to tap the staff’s potential to the very end she had hoped.

After the Deathwind fell, the Order lacked purpose. In what could be called a case of history repeating, the group splintered again, putting Elhazra and a small handful of loyalists on the defensive against the majority of their faction. Saraiah is known to have escaped the coup, but Elhazra herself disappeared and was presumed dead. The recent discovery of Logan in Sigil suggests that Elhazra and her cohorts were not killed, however, though the warlock has yet to surface from wherever it is she now hides.

Elhazra did survive the coup, but the splintering of the Order proved to be the least of her worries. She discovered that her former comrade Ouroboros had seemingly been corrupted by the Ebon Tower, and that his ultimate plans seemed to involve the Far Realm. Elhazra traveled to the border of the planes and the Far Realm to seek greater understanding of this threat. During her travels she was exposed to the Logos Curse, a mind-virus spread by hearing the gibberings of those already inflicted with it. Through various arcane techniques she was able to stave off the effects of the Logos Curse, but she could not defeat it. Even with her consider arcane power, the Logos Curse began to take hold. In order to prevent the madness from spreading, she retreated to a cave in the wastelands.

However, Saraiah and her band of adventures had been looking for Saraiah, seeking information on how to stop Ouroboros. Using psychic surgery, the heroes were able to restore her to full sanity. After some time to recover from the considerable mental and physical deterioration, Elhazra leant her considerable research skills to the party in their quest to stop Ouroboros.


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