Aislynn Athamae


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Aislynn is a tall, statuesque Tiefling. Her long black hair is often pulled into a partial braid down her back. When down it curls and waves with a mind of it's own can catches the light in blues and purples like a raven's feathers. Her eyes are golden like a cats…they are also equally predatory most of the time. Her skin has a coppery tone to it. 

She is curvy, graceful, and femine despite her pretatory vibes. 

Her winding, red and black tattoos add rather than detract from the fact that she is attractive.

She mostly dresses in dark colors. Preferably clothing that allows for freedom of movement…


Aislyn was born to a well-known and respected Tiefling mage. Her father moved into a position of power as his young daughter grew. His views on his homeland the culture and associated politics differed from the accepted mainstream. Once he began to use his power and influnce to seek change in the accepted way of things shadows began to gather.

Aislynn's father  wanted very much to change Protence into a better place. He wanted this even more once he became a parent.

Due to his great skill and power in magic his opponents merely grumbled and complained…but never actually worked up to openly attacking.

This changed when his beloved wife died in childbirth with their second-born. He fell into a depression and not even his adored now teenage daughter could seem to reach him. Instead Aislynn became parent  & protector to her infant brother.

Doom soon struck…as betrayal from within the family with the assistance of political enemies allowed for a coup. 

Aislynn watched her father murdered…her infant brother was torn from her arms and disappeared to face an uncertain fate…and she herself was sold into slavery.

Due to the things she has experienced during her time since she became a slave Aislynn made a dark pact. She walks a dark and bloody path, seeking vengance on those that wronged her family, and trying to find what happened to her brother. She seeks justice and redemption but she believes herself ultimately damned.


Paragon Tier

 The intervening years since the deathwind have wrought some changes. While Aislynn still has her unpredicable temper and willful demeanor she has learned some patience.

The reforms and work she has done to heal her broken homelands have gone a long way to healing herself in some ways. 

She has maintained the ties with the other heros as much as possible. Especially Coronatum, whom she considers a family friend. 

She has also taken in three apprentices, orphaned children with an aptitute for becoming warlocks. They have become her family.

Her brother's new plans deeply disturb her. She sees his ambitions as a betrayal of his vow to be first and foremost a protector and caretaker of the childlike intelligence that inhabits the tower. Her goal is to stop her brother from harming others in his schemes, and to hopefully redeem Ouro as well. She wishes also to find a way to perhaps free the power that lives in the stone of the tower so that none can ever enslave it again. 


Aislynn Athamae

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